Magnesium Bath Soak

Magnesium Bath Soak


Immerse in the benefits of a deeply restorative Magnesium Bath Soak

Rich in botanicals and infused with expertly blended high-grade essential oils, sink into a deep-state of relaxation with our Magnesium Bath Soak in an aromatherapy bath.

Widely known for its benefits for muscle tension, detoxifying the body, and pain relief, allow the Magnesium to absorb into your body, replenish your skin, and calm your nervous system.

Concede the tub to tender you weightless and immerse yourself for as long as you need to to feel the aches and pains extract and subside. Find what feels right in the soak.

Ingredients: Magnesium sulfate, himalayan pink salts, Epsom salts, Rosebuds, Lavender buds, Lavender essential oil, Geranium essential oil, May Chiang Essential Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate (400 grams).


  • Place a small handful into a warm bath
  • Soak for up to twenty minutes
  • Make sure you remain hydrated afterwards to avoid dehydration

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