About Me

Hello, I’m Jacqueline Yeats 

I’m a holistic health and wellness coach, counsellor, yoga teacher, and a mindfulness and meditation mentor.

It’s my mission in life to help you lead a happier, more peaceful life through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, holistic wellness and positive psychology. 

And I’m so happy you’re here. I believe my Dharma (life purpose) is to help others lead a fulfilled, happy life; a life where mind, body and spirit are in harmonious balance; a life where you can feel confident to reach out for self-care, to ask for support, and to receive it; a life full of the inner peace that is always available to you. 

I’ve worked in the welfare and wellness industry for the past eleven years, and I absolutely love it; it is my calling, my purpose, my passion. 

My three main passions are: 

  1. Supporting my community (that’s you!) to live more empowered lives, supporting you to live a life you deeply value and enjoy 
  1. Helping you achieve inner peace and become mindful so you find more meaning and purpose in your life 
  1. Raising awareness about how you can support your mental health, helping you to reduce stress, depression and anxiety 

Where it all began 

When I became pregnant with my little girl, it was such a happy time, and I was so excited to become a mother. However, after the first few weeks, I became very unwell and was bedridden with hyperemesis gravidarum  (yep, the severe vomiting, weight loss and dehydration that Princess Kate had!). 

Following this, I had a scare and nearly lost my daughter. Very intense antenatal anxiety kicked in, and if that wasn’t enough, after the birth of my daughter I began to suffer from Post Natal Depression.  

Fortunately, due to my inner work and professional training, I quickly recognised it for what it was. Seeking help, I put a program in place to support my health on all levels, and learnt to find my own inner peace. 

I had already been working for 5-6 years as a case manager and counsellor, working with kids in foster care, at-risk youth and homeless teens; now I had to use all my skills and training, and look after myself. 

Looking back, I can see how important it was that I reached out, and that I found the support I needed; the support that made all the difference.  

I can only imagine how difficult it must be for someone without that awareness and training; someone who may be too afraid to speak out about what they’re feeling.  

If you’ve ever suffered from depression, anxiety or stress, you’ll know the effects it has throughout all areas of your life.  

My depression came close to costing me my relationships with my daughter, and made me seriously consider my value in this life. It took almost 12 months to overcome; it was hard work and, at times, terrifying.  

But I did it… I overcame it, stronger and more aware on the other side, and more committed than ever to sharing what I know about cultivating inner peace, and supporting mental health. 

I attribute my recovery to a holistic approach to healing, including yoga, meditation and mindfulness, a healthy, wholefood-based diet, exercise, and counselling/therapy, as well as the support from my loved ones.  

That support was only possible for me to receive when I started believing in myself, and when I let myself ask for support (and then, receive it!).  

It’s my mission to provide this same holistic healing to you (and yes, you are also worthy of asking for, and receiving support).  

The work that I do blends science with spirituality, but you don’t have to be a spiritual person to benefit from mindfulness therapy and health coaching. I’ve trained extensively, and use all the research and scientific evidence available to me to support you on every level (If you end up connecting to your spiritualty, that’s a bonus, but not a prerequisite!). 

Don’t wait, don’t put it off, don’t sideline yourself; let’s work together to help you find more peace, purpose, value and joy in your life.  

You’re so worthy of it. 

We can work together in 1:1 coaching sessions, private yoga sessions or mindfulness workshops. I also offer meditations, helpful articles, and gorgeous products to support your journey to inner peace.

When I’m not working, I’m reading books about spirituality and personal development, sitting on a beach somewhere on the Gold Coast, Australia, hanging out with my beautiful daughter, cooking healthy food with the best local produce, walking my dog along Burleigh Heads, or hopping onto my yoga mat.  

Now that you know a little more about me, and how I can help, I invite you to head to:

Working with me, you’ll cultivate more inner peace, connect to yourself through deep self-care and mindfulness, and empower yourself to create the healthiest, most balanced version of yourself. 

Thanks for being here. 


My qualifications:  

  • Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (with my research component based on Mindfulness as a treatment for Anxiety and Depression), Bond University, QLD
  • Bachelors of Psychology and Behaviour Management, Bond University, QLD
  • Advanced Diploma in Meaning Centred Therapy (Logotherapy), Life Change Therapy, QLD (currently completing)
  • Certificate of Health Coaching, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, United States of America
  • Diploma of Counselling, TAFE, QLD
  • Diploma of Community Welfare, Gold Coast TAFE, QLD
  • Diploma of Youth Work, TAFE, QLD
  • Diploma of Community Management, TAFE, QLD
  • Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training, with Peace Yoga, Burleigh Heads, QLD
  • I also have also completed other trainings in Mindfulness, Grief and Loss, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Yin Yoga, Life Force Yoga (yoga for depression and anxiety), Palliative Care, and Journey Work (Brandon Bays)